Jobs in Nigeria

Product UI / UX Designer Job at StraitPay

StraitPay - Spedig ad Ivestig i Africa should ot require edless paperwork & brai umbig bureaucracy. We created straitPay to ivite fiacial...
Posted: June 15th, 2024 by StraitPay

Outreach and Hygiene Promotion Officer

JOB PURPOSE Uder the guidace of the WASH Supervisor, the role esures the effective implemetatio of WASH activities withi IDPs ad host commuities...
Posted: June 15th, 2024 by INTERSOS


JOB PURPOSE The positio is resposible for Productio of BoQs, of WASH ifrastructures Desigs, supervisio of all costructio ad rehabilitatio activities...
Posted: June 15th, 2024 by INTERSOS