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Our story began in 2020 at the rise of the pandemic and we’ve grown quickly in just a few short years. We set out to create a space where women can share and learn about feminine health issues. Our Founder and CEO Annie White was inspired to start V Vitamins by her own struggle with feminine health and hygiene. In her experimentation of homeopathic remedies for healing, she discovered nature's miracle mineral. She began by sharing her homemade treatments with close friends and family, until she was inspired to share with her online community. With an overwhelming positive response from her community, V Vitamins was born.

At V Vitamins, we have curated a safe space for women and men to learn and share their experience with once taboo topics about feminine health & hygiene and intimacy. And our vaginal suppositories provide a gentle and natural way to treat BV, yeast infections and UTI’s in hours. In addition, the V Vitamins eliminate all vaginal odors while balancing a woman’s pH creating the optimal environment for increased lubrication and improved taste. This leads to women experiencing increased pleasure during intimate experiences with themselves and/or a partner.

Our mission is to empower women to heal their bodies naturally, regain their confidence and to advocate for their pleasures and preferences inside & outside of the bedroom.

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