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Health Fitness Revolution magazine is one of the fastest-growing health and fitness magazines in America with 15 million hits to date. It was founded by 4 x #1 Fitness Trainer in the world, HarperCollins published author of “ReSync Your Life”, and official “Fitness Czar” of the City of Houston, Samir Becic, as proclaimed by Mayor Sylvester Turner.

Samir is known worldwide as a serious health and fitness expert who is bringing fitness into every segment of society- from the economy, education, and spirituality, all the way to politics and national security. Health Fitness Revolution created the first lists in the world of the fittest politicians, spiritual leaders, and billionaires… our lists have been published in tens of thousands of media outlets across the globe.

We are a fun, dynamic, start-up company to work for and we welcome creative and open-minded individuals who aim to make a positive mark on this world.

We aim to empower, educate, and enable people globally to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Health Fitness Revolution will achieve its goals by arming Americans with tools to live a healthy lifestyle. Through a variety of channels in the community, like schools, churches, community centers, and corporations, the Health Fitness Revolution hosts events and workshops to educate children and their parents about the fundamentals of physical fitness and nutrition.

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