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speech IRL is a boutique communication services firm located in downtown Chicago. We provide individual and group communicating skills training, ranging from speech therapy to executive coaching to social and interpersonal skills training. In addition to individual services, we offer communication and inclusion training services and consulting to businesses and organizations.

We are a small, tight-knit, passionate group of communication nerds. All of our employees are certified speech-language pathologists. Our daily client work blends clinical science with the art of coaching, using evidence-based practice and current research from psychology, communication, behavioral science, and sociology to help diverse communicators chart their paths.

We are a creative group that encourages each other to take risks, develop new ideas, experiment, and succeed or fail. We value our team community and culture, but also expect that each person will take ownership for their tasks and pursue success independently, asking for support as needed.

Our internship program offers:

- Paid internship experience and/or college credit
- Regular feedback and professional mentoring. Interns work closely with staff, are given flexibility and empowered to take initiative and succeed or fail. We invest heavily in students and early-career professionals and have a very intentional learning-focused culture.
- Opportunity to create your own project and see it through to completion.
- Potential for permanent employment upon completion of the internship.

Job Application Instructions

Applicants should send the following to info@speechIRL.com, with the subject line "Marketing Internship Application".

The e-mail should include:

- Customized cover letter (either in the body of the e-mail or attached as a separate document)
- Resume
- Attachments and/or links to at least 2 work samples that showcase writing skills (blog post, class assignment, other projects)
- Optional: attachment and/or links to work samples that showcase additional skills (design, video, etc.)

Contact Information

ContactKatie Gore
speech IRL
73 W Monroe Suite 315
Chicago, IL, United States 60603


Part-time marketing Internship

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