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Remote - Boston, MA, United States

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About Us
Labtuit helps professionals and recent grads land the right job (get the position and pay they deserve). We've helped candidates land at great companies such as Google and Bain. We are founded by a Harvard PhD, ex-Uber and ex-McKinsey. Everyone lands a job but most don't land the right job. For example, a Software Engineer we've helped was happy with a 150K position, but we helped him land a senior Engineer position at 190K.
We connect our candidates with our experts for mock interviews (role-related/technical and behavioral), guide them on getting referrals, and rewrite resumes to make them stand out.

Our Mission
Because our mission is to give to the 99% what the 1% has - top-notch career advising- the service is free until the candidate lands a job. After the candidate starts work, we charge 2-3% of the first-year base salary to be paid in 3 installments.The goal is for our service to pay for itself from the improvement in the offers you get.

We’re looking for passionate, highly motivated Associates to join our Labtuit family. You’ll increase our visibility on campus and social media.

As an Associate, you will

-Serve as the voice of Labtuit at your university by leading on-campus events, outreah, and social media content

-Use your networking skills to build and strengthen Labtuit’s partnerships with on campus clubs and organizations

-Deliver presentations to inform students about how Labtuit can help them land more competitive jobs

-Leverage social media to get students engaged with our brand and spread awareness

Job Requirements

You are:
- Connected. You’re involved in campus community.

- Energetic and Enthusiastic. You can captivate audiences with your excitement, making you a strong presenter.

- Gritty. You do what it takes to get the job done. You pursue your short and long term goals with persistence.

- Resourceful. You’re solution-oriented and creative in finding ways to do things well. You appreciate being autonomous.

- Self-Motivated. You motivate yourself to accomplish anything.

- A Social Influencer. You’re excited to use social media to interact with your peers in creative ways.

- Able to commit to at least 4 hours a week.

- Well-connected on campus (involved in at least 1 on-campus organization).

- Tech-savvy and excited to stay engaged in a remote workforce.

- Preferred (but not required) - active on Social Media with a creative eye for content. Connections to relevant on-campus leaders, faculty, and administration a huge plus.

You will get:
This is a commission-based position with access to awesome bonus opportunities. You will work in a stimulating startup environment and learn a ton.

Once you hit a predefined milestone, we’ll offer you our premium package for free - this means we’ll help you land the right job (including connecting you with our experts to rewrite your resume for you, advise you on getting referrals, and give you mock interviews)

Top performers will be promoted, and offered exclusive training program on Sales & Marketing delivered by Silicon Valley experts.

How to apply:
Please email your resume (or your LinkedIn account) to

How To Apply

Please email your resume to
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