Employer FAQs

Questions About InternJobs.com

Q. When was InternJobs.com started?
A. The AboutJobs.com Network was launched in January of 1996. InternJobs.com was activated online in July of 1997.

Q. How many employers have posted jobs on InternJobs.com?
A. 3,500+ employers and counting.

Q. How many job seekers visit InternJobs.com each month?  
A. InternJobs.com serves an average of 100,000 visitors each month.

Q. What is AboutJobs.com, Inc.?
A. AboutJobs.com, Inc. is the company that owns InternJobs.com as well as OverseasJobs.com, InternationalJobs.com, ResortJobs.com, SeasonalJobs.com, SummerJobs.com and AboutJobs.com.

Q. Where can I learn more about InternJobs.com?
A. Have a look at our About Us section for more information about the site and the company.

Questions About Posting Jobs

Q. How can I post multiple jobs on InternJobs.com?

Because we understand that many (unpaid) internships are offered by non-profits and start-ups, two affordable Job Posting packages are available on InternJobs.com, both of which include a Free Company Profile:  

  • Post a single (1) job posting for 30 days for only $15.
  • Post unlimited  job postings for 30 days for only $49.

These Job Posting packages include:

  • A Company Profile, complete with your logo, links to all of your active job postings and a detailed business overview.
  • Account tools to easily edit and manage your job postings, create and update your company profile and track the number of job seekers who have viewed your posting.
  • Priority placement on InternJobs.com. Your postings will appear in matching search results before postings from our partner sites.

If you have special hiring needs or would like us to create a custom package that includes featured advertising, please contact us online or call 508.888.6889 (M-F, 9-5 EST).

Learn more about our account packages Here

Activate an account Here

Q. How do I renew my job posting account after it has expired?

You will receive an email notification 3 days before your account is scheduled to expire on InternJobs.com. You may renew your account and job postings by selecting the renewal link in your email. Or renew your account by contacting us using our Contact Form.

Q. How do I write a good job posting?

Click Here for our tips on writing an effective job posting. When hiring online make sure you create a very detailed and specific job posting that says exactly who you are looking for, explains all important details about the job you are offering, and provides clear instructions on how candidates can apply for the position. Be sure to make use of appropriate Keywords that will help job seekers search for your job.

Your posting on InternJobs.com could be seen by hundreds of thousands of job seekers in a single month. You want to make sure that your posting says enough to only attract the candidates you are looking for. You will also want to consider that the Web is global and many people who live outside the US want to find a summer job in the US. If you do not accept foreign applicants then you should explicitly say so. You should also include information about housing, as this is a frequent question from job seekers.


How do I edit my Company Profile?


Login to your Employer Account with your registered email and password.

You may change the information in your Employer/Company Profile by selecting the Edit Your Profile link on your Employer Overview. Here, you may edit the text in your profile or application instructions. If your profile contains HTML or was designed by our staff, please contact us for assistance in editing your profile. We are happy to help you make any necessary changes.

Any changes made to your profile will be Live immediately on InternJobs.com after you save them, so don't forget to Preview Your Profile before saving the changes.


How do I Add a new job?


Login to your Employer Account with your registered email and password.

Select the Manage Jobs link from your Employer Overview.

Select the Add button to create a new job posting form.

Please fill in the form completely. Don't forget to choose the appropriate Industry and craft keyword-rich content for each job to increase the chance the right job seekers will find your posting.

Select the Preview Job button to review the job before saving it.

Select the Save button to add your new job to the database.


How do I Edit an existing job?


Login to your Employer Account with your registered email and password.

Select the Manage Jobs link from your Employer Overview to display all of the jobs currently in your account.

Click on the linked Job Title to make any changes to that Job. 

Delete a job by changing the Job Status to "Deleted".

Deactivate a Job by changing the Job Status to "Inactive". Job seekers will not see Inactive Jobs.

Reactivate a Job by changing the Job Status to "Active". You may then also change any of the information on that job posting.

Reset the View Counter to zero by selecting the check box.

Reset the Post Date to today's date by selecting the check box. (Search result lists are presented with newer jobs first.)

Select the Preview Job button to review the job before saving it.

Select the Update button to Save your changes.


How do I Add or Edit my Contact Information?


Login to your Employer Account with your registered email and password.

Select the Manage Contacts link from your Employer Overview.

- To Add a new contact:  Select the "Add a Contact" link, complete the form and select the Save button.

- To Edit an existing contact:  Select the Contact Name link of the contact you wish to edit, make your desired changes, and select the Update button.

Please Note: If you have multiple contacts, please choose one that should appear on all Job Postings and your Company Profile. The Job Posting and Company Profile forms contain Contact Information sections from which you must choose a Contact for display to job seekers.

Questions About Hiring On the Internet

Q. How do I handle all of the emails and responses I get from my online job posting?
A. We suggest that you set up a secondary email address to handle all of your online responses. The response can be overwhelming and a separate email address can help you can manage all of the applications that come to you from InternJobs.com users. We also suggest creating and saving form emails that you can use to respond to applicants when their resume is received, when you are interested in more information or when you want to hire someone. Applicants sincerely appreciate any response that you give them regarding their application, even if it is in the form of a rejection letter.