About InternJobs.com


InternJobs.com has been working for two decades to provide employers easy access to a wide, targeted audience of job seekers. As a niche on-line job board our mission here at InternJobs.com is simple – to provide an easy to use, simple forum where employers and job seekers can connect with one another. 


Each year millions of high school students, college students, and recent graduates visit InternJobs.com as part of their job search for internships and entry level positions.


Our site has always been free for job seekers to use. We also understand the financial constraints of businesses and have always kept our job posting prices reasonable while providing the best value possible.


There is little that is more personally rewarding than gaining work experience. Learning new skills and expanding your network are building blocks for a successful career. InternJobs.com helps job seekers find these opportunities both locally and across the US, Canada, and the world.

AboutJobs.com Network

InternJobs.com shares its philosophy with its partner sites in the AboutJobs.com network, which includes SummerJobs.com (summer employment opportunities), OverseasJobs.com (professional positions abroad), InternationalJobs.com (professional positions with an international spin, both in the US and abroad), SeasonalJobs.com and ResortJobs.com (ski resorts, national parks, hotels, spas and worldwide resorts). Visit our other sites and explore a new world of career opportunities.