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Dream Careers hosts complete internship programs for college students in 11 cities around the world. Dream Careers to provide students a safe and fun environment to experience what it is like to work in the most competitive cities in the world. Each program includes the following benefits:

  • A Access to top internships
  • Housing at host universities
  • Planned Weekend Events
  • Career development and networking seminars with CEO's and industry execs
  • Professionally Resume Revision and Interview Coaching
  • Daily Transportation to and from work
  • Professional Staff Assistance
  • An internship placement assistance

All of our participants live, train, and travel together, creating a lasting bond and an opportunity to build lifelong friendships. Since you will be new to the city, our staff will meet you when you arrive at your housing facility and help you get settled. Additionally, we will introduce you to all of the other program participants, and help you become acquainted with the city.

We know you may be nervous to relocate to a new city for the first time; however, our Program Director will then talk to you about how to get the most out of the program and how to succeed as an intern. We will also teach you how to commute around the city, so you get to know your new city!

Throughout the summer, one evening a week you are invited to attend our Summer Intern Seminar Series featuring respected businessmen and women from around the country. Seminars are typically 1 hour in length, and give you an opportunity to network with influential business professionals. On the weekends, you will be entertained through a series of activities that take you to the best vacation spots your city has to offer. For more details, check out our Weekend Excursions page. And finally, at the end of the summer, we host a graduation ceremony where we all get to say our goodbyes and award outstanding achievements. If you attend Dream Careers, you are in for an unforgettable, life-changing experience!

Dream Careers was recently featured on MTV Hired as our Career Coach advised job seekers on resume tips, interview advice and ultimately how to get hired for their dream job. Those services are also included in the Dream Careers programs as each participant works with an expert in their field to prepare for and secure a position around the world. Dream Careers

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